Landscape Design

A BSc in Landscape Design and Plant Science was my first tertiary qualification from Sheffield University after leaving school.   I have kept up my interest and awareness of Landscape Design despite following a number of different paths (albeit travelling in very similar directions).  I gained a high 2;1 in my more recent Landscape Architecture diploma and I have reached a stage in my life where I am confident of my skills, humble in my approach to evaluating my work and passionate about making a positive difference to our embattled environment.  

As well as drawing confidently I have a lot of experience of managing my own time and budgets in my current job.  I touch type and enjoy using AutoCAD, ArcGIS and Adobe software when I have the chance.  My recent experience in education has diversified my skills – I know what I could do in industry standard software and use my ingenuity to get as close as possible using freeware like paintnet and inkscape.